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Perhatikan (klik) Foto ini , dan semoga anda tidak pusing melihatnya :

Monday, March 16, 2009

Most Bizarre Houses around the world

This is Most Bizarre Houses around the world :

The Kvivik Igloo , Kvivik (Faroe Islands)

The Kettle House , Texas (USA)

The Errante's Guest House , Chile

The Strawberry house , Tokyo (Japan)

The Pickle Barrel House , Michigan (USA)

The Steel House , Lubbock (Texas , USA)

The Fallingwater, Pennsylvania (USA)

The One Log House , Garberville (California , USA)

The Mushroom House , Cincinnati (Ohio , USA)

The Eliphante Art House , Cornville (AZ , USA)

The Bubble House , Cannes (France)

The Cube houses , Rotterdam (Holland)

The Upside-Down House , Szymbark (Poland)

The Shoe House , Hellam (Pennsylvania , USA)

The Nautilus House , Mexico DF (Mexico)

The Toilet-shaped house , Suwon (South Korea)

The Boeing 727 House , Benoit (Mississippi , USA)

The Teapot Dome , Zillah (WA , USA)

The Spaceship House , Chattanooga (TN , USA)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Next number 7 in Manchester United

Mungkin kita menebak - nebak siapa pemain penerus nomor punggung 7 di Manchester United setelah C.Ronaldo , dan inilah jawabannya :

Daftar 100 Orang-Orang Jenius Beserta IQ nya

Keterangan : IQ orang Normal 90-110
  1. Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius Italy 220
  2. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Germany 210
  3. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz Germany 205
  4. Emanuel Swedenborg Sweden 205
  5. William James Sidis USA 200
  6. Kim Ung-Yong Korea 200
  7. Thomas Wolsey Politician England 200
  8. Hugo Grotius Writer Holland 200
  9. Sir Francis Galton Scientist & doctor England 200
  10. John Stuart Mill Universal Genius England 200
  11. Christopher Langan Bouncer & scientist & philosopher USA 195
  12. Sarpi Councilor & theologian & historian Italy 195
  13. George H. Choueiri A.C.E Leader Lebanon 195
  14. Blaise Pascal Mathematician & religious philosopher France 195
  15. Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosopher Austria 190
  16. Phillipp Melanchthon Humanist & theologian Germany 190
  17. Pierre Simon de Laplace Astronomer & mathematician France 190
  18. Philip Emeagwali Mathematician Nigeria 190
  19. William Pitt (the Younger) Politician England 190
  20. Voltaire Writer France 190
  21. Albrecht von Haller Medical scientist Switzerland 190
  22. George Berkeley Philosopher Ireland 190
  23. Garry Kasparov Chess player Russia 190
  24. Sir Isaac Newton Scientist England 190
  25. Friedrich von Schelling Philosopher Germany 190
  26. Arnauld Theologian France 190
  27. Bobby Fischer Chess player USA 187
  28. Marilyn vos Savant Writer USA 186
  29. Galileo Galilei Physicist & astronomer & philosopher Italy 185
  30. Joseph Louis Lagrange Mathematician & astronomer Italy/France 185
  31. Ren Descartes Mathematician & philosopher France 185
  32. Lord Byron Poet & writer England 180
  33. David Hume Philosopher & politician Scotland 180
  34. John H. Sununu Chief of Staff for President Bush USA 180
  35. James Woods Actor USA 180
  36. Madame de Stael Novelist & philosopher France 180
  37. Charles Dickens Writer England 180
  38. Thomas Chatterton Poet & writer England 180
  39. Alexander Pope Poet & writer England 180
  40. Buonarroti Michelangelo Artist, poet & architect Italy 180
  41. Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Israel 180
  42. Arne Beurling Mathematician Sweden 180
  43. Baruch Spinoza Philosopher Holland 175
  44. Johannes Kepler Mathematician, physicist & astronomer Germany 175
  45. Immanuel Kant Philosopher Germany 175
  46. Robert Byrne Chess Player Ireland 170
  47. Johann Strauss Composer Germany 170
  48. Hypatia Philosopher & mathematician Alexandria 170
  49. Richard Wagner Composer Germany 170
  50. Andrew J. Wiles Mathematician England 170
  51. Sofia Kovalevskaya Mathematician & writer Sweden/Russia 170
  52. Dr David Livingstone Explorer & doctor Scotland 170
  53. Donald Byrne Chess Player Ireland 170
  54. Martin Luther Theorist Germany 170
  55. Judith Polgar Chess player Hungary 170
  56. Plato Philosopher Greece 170
  57. George Friedrich Handel Composer Germany 170
  58. Raphael Artist Italy 170
  59. Felix Mendelssohn Composer Germany 165
  60. Truman Cloak -- -- 165
  61. JohnLocke Philosopher England 165
  62. Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Germany 165
  63. Charles Darwin Naturalist England 165
  64. Carl von Linn Botanist Sweden 165
  65. Johann Sebastian Bach Composer Germany 165
  66. James Watt Physicist & technician Scotland 165
  67. Friedrich Hegel Philosopher Germany 165
  68. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer Austria 165
  69. Jola Sigmond Teacher Sweden 161
  70. Dolph Lundgren Actor Sweden 160
  71. Bill Gates CEO, Microsoft USA 160
  72. Albert Einstein Physicist USA 160
  73. George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) Writer England 160
  74. Paul Allen Microsoft cofounder USA 160
  75. Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer Poland 160
  76. Joseph Haydn Composer Austria 160
  77. Benjamin Franklin Writer, scientist & politician USA 160
  78. James Cook Explorer England 160
  79. Stephen W. Hawking Physicist England 160
  80. Sir Clive Sinclair Inventor England 159
  81. Honor de Balzac Writer France 155
  82. Anthonis van Dyck Artist Belgium 155
  83. Miguel de Cervantes Writer Spain 155
  84. Ralph Waldo Emerson Writer USA 155
  85. Rembrandt van Rijn Artist Holland 155
  86. Jonathan Swift Writer & theologian England 155
  87. Sharon Stone Actress USA 154
  88. John Quincy Adams President USA 153
  89. George Sand Writer France 150
  90. Rousseau Writer France 150
  91. Jayne Mansfield -- USA 149
  92. H. C. Anderson Writer Denmark 145
  93. Bonaparte Napoleon Emperor France 145
  94. Richard Nixon Ex-President USA 143
  95. Hjalmar Schacht Nazi officer Germany 143
  96. Adolf Hitler Nazi leader Germany 141
  97. Shakira Singer Colombia 140
  98. Hillary Clinton Ex-President wife USA 140
  99. Geena Davis Actress USA 140
  100. Jean M. Auel Writer Canada 140

Disaat Lumba - Lumba , Burung & Hiu memburu Sardin bersamaan !

Ternyata benar kalau laut itu cantik dan mematikan , silahkan lihat foto2 keren ini :

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Asus G50 Laptop

Gaming season never ends and here comes another lappie to join its brothers in their house of Asus Republic of Games band. Asus G50 Gaming Laptop comes all set to attract gaming freaks in style. This gaming laptop comes loaded with n number of features to highlight it as a gadget of innovative technology. Its cutting edge features will ensure that the users fall in love with it.

The Core 2 Duo T9400 processor of Intel runs this device at a clock speed of 2.5GHz and features 6M Cache. Intel PM 45 Express Chipset is integrated in the motherboard of this device. Asus G50 Entertainment Laptop comes incorporated with SODIMM SDRAM of 4GB memory with a clockspeed of 800MHz. An awesome 500GB Dual Hard Drives comprising of two 250GB of 5400rpm is also integrated inside this device to enhance the storage capacity of this device.

Nvidia Ge Force 9700MGT grahics card forms the heart and soul of this device as it empowers you games with its H512 MB onboard memory, 512 MB Cache memory. G series laptops come integrated with this powerful card, which assures them with its mighty graphical processing and this feature bewitches the user with its deliverance of unmatched 3D graphical performance and delightful visual experience .

The 15.4” WSXGA wide screen of 1680×1050 Mp resolution fixes and freezes the retina of the users with its ColorShine TFT-LCD display. And there is more in the fun zone. The rewritable Super Multi Light Scribe DVD of Asus G50 Core 2 Duo Processor Laptop enables you to burn, write, and rewrite DVDs and CDs of your choice and you can explode music with the help of its Integrated HD audio component of Intel.

Intel PRO/Wireless 4965 LAN provides you a perfect solution for wireless communication along with its virtual camera. The gaming sector alone is not the sole performer of this device, as the HDMI feature of this device lets you to traffic HD contents from any device to this gadget for display. Asus recommends Genuine Windows Vista Business for business computing and Vista Home Premium for personal computing.

Razer Mako 2.1

Pros Wide, distortion-free sound. Stylish design
Cons Expensive. Lacking in bass punch

On the scale of sophistication most PC speaker systems are a boom-boxed Fiesta compared to the Sydney Opera houses of the hi-fi world. Even the few really good 5.1 kits out there are hampered by game effects that lurch from speaker to speaker, a lack of support for Dolby Digital and the fact that few PCs are in rooms appropriate for surround sound set-ups.

But Razer’s new Mako kit is promising to finally provide solace for audiophiles. It’s based on two new technologies from the sound supremos at THX – namely Ground Plane and Slot Speaker – which gives each satellite two downward facing, separately amplified drivers that bounce omnidirectional sound waves off the desktop with a force of 100W RMS per channel. If that’s not enough, there’s another 100W from the sub for good measure.

Best in class sound
The results are remarkable. Combined with a decent soundcard these will fill the room as well as, if not better than, most 5.1 kits.

It’s not just about that Spector-style wall of sound – the DSP circuitry does a phenomenal job, too. Tonal quality is crystal clear and sharper than Death’s own scythe. Although the quoted range of 40-1800Hz is lower than many cheaper sets, in reality you’ll hear sounds in the more delicate fidelities that lesser speakers muffle out.

Genius Traveler T925 Laser

Innovative wireless touch scroll laser mouse

Genius adds the most unique and innovative wireless turbo scroll laser mouse to its notebook touch scroll mouse family- Traveler T925 Laser.

Built-in with the patented touch scroll design, Traveler T925 Laser let you experience an effortless and comfortable eight way scroll function for fast Internet pages or document browsing. You can also adjust the speed of turbo scroll, which let you fly through long page documents or webpage with different sliding pressure.

Other advanced features such as Flip 3D hotkey to view all opened windows and the micro receiver is always ready for your mouse by keeping your receiver plugged into your notebook. Plus the 2.4GHz wireless laser technology is adapted to avoid RF interference and thus giving you a much better tracking precision than a regular optical mouse.

So, for a true technology breakthrough device that’s comfortable in either hand and enhances your work efficiency, Traveler T925 Laser is exactly the choice you get. So stop hesitation and contact your sales representative now.

Key features:
- World’s first wireless touch scroll laser mouse
- Advanced high precision 1600 dpi laser sensor for excellent tracking precision
- Laser technology provides better tracking performance than optical mice
- Touch to scroll-eight way browsing for left, right, up, down and diagonal directions
- Vista Flip 3D hotkey
- Working distance for up to 10 meters; anti-interference
- Micro receiver for easy carry

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jakarta Diramalkan Tenggelam pada 2012

Peneliti teknik lingkungan Universitas Indonesia, Firdaus Ali, memperkirakan Jakarta akan tenggelam sebelum tahun 2012. Itu lantaran penyedotan air tanah secara berlebihan di Jakarta sehingga permukaan tanah Ibu Kota semakin turun. "Tidak hanya tenggelam, kita juga akan kehausan," kata doktor lulusan University of Wisconsin ini saat dihubungi Tempo kemarin.

Perhitungan tersebut berdasarkan data penurunan permukaan tanah di Jakarta yang rata-rata 10 sentimeter setiap tahun. Di Jakarta Barat, selama 11 tahun terakhir, permukaan tanah turun 1,2 meter. Di wilayah Kemayoran dan Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat, dalam 8 tahun terakhir turun 80 sentimeter. "Jika kondisi ini terus berlanjut, permukaan tanah Jakarta akan berada di bawah permukaan air laut," ujar Firdaus.

Segendang sepenarian, Ketua Harian Komite Evaluasi Lingkungan Kota Darrundono mengungkapkan eksploitasi air tanah berlebihan menyebabkan permukaan tanah turun. Menurut dia, suplai air tanah tak bertambah, sedangkan penggunaan semakin besar. "Krisis air tanah di Jakarta sudah memasuki tahap berbahaya," ujarnya.

Pemerintah DKI Jakarta berencana menaikkan tarif air tanah untuk rumah tangga mewah hingga industri 6-16 kali lipat dari sebelumnya. Kenaikan ini untuk mengurangi konsumsi masyarakat terhadap air tanah yang makin eksploitatif (Koran Tempo, 28 Februari 2009).

Menaikkan tarif air tanah, menurut Firdaus, merupakan salah satu instrumen untuk mengurangi penggunaan air tanah. Para pengguna air tanah akan dialihkan menjadi pengguna layanan Perusahaan Air Minum (PAM). "Makanya tarif air tanah harus lebih mahal dari tarif PAM," ujarnya.

Setiap tahun, Firdaus melanjutkan, sebanyak 320 juta meter kubik air disedot dari dalam tanah. Padahal angka aman hanya 38 juta meter kubik. Sementara itu, data resmi hanya 21 juta meter kubik. "Sisanya itu mencuri," katanya.

Menurut Firdaus, pengambilan air tanah yang gila-gilaan menyebabkan perut bumi kosong sehingga permukaan tanah turun akibat tekanan. Saat ini saja semakin banyak wilayah yang cekung. "Hujan lokal saja bisa membuat banyak daerah tergenang," katanya.

Turunnya permukaan tanah ini, kata Darrundono, menyebabkan Jakarta perlahan-lahan akan berada di bawah permukaan air laut. Intrusi air laut saat ini sudah mencapai 11-12 kilometer dari garis pantai. "Intrusi air laut sudah memasuki wilayah Setia Budi, Jakarta Selatan. Banjir akan semakin dahsyat," ujarnya. Intrusi air laut dan penurunan permukaan tanah juga bisa membuat bangunan ambles.

Darrundono juga mengkritik pembangunan superblok dan gedung tinggi yang bertebaran di Jakarta. Pembangunan ini ikut menggerus persediaan air tanah.

source : kaskus.us

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

World Most Beautiful Beaches

This is seven world most beautiful beaches :

1. Horseshoe bay
2. Fernando de noronha
3. Khao lak beach
4. Poipu beach
5. Matira beach, french polynesia
6. Maroma beach (playa maroma)
7. Pink sands beach

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hacker Tembus BlackBerry Obama !!

Hacker ternama Kevin Mitnick mengumumkan telah menyadap BlackBerry Presiden AS, Barack Husein Obama. Meskipun sudah didesain khusus dengan super enskripsi, dia menyebut dapat melakukan penyadapan. "BlackBerry Presiden Obama bisa ditembus," tegasnya, Sabtu pagi.

Kevin Mitnick sampai kini masih dianggap sebagai hacker termasyhur. Meskipun sudah diperingatkan penasihatnya, Obama 'ngotot' mempertahankan PDA-nya itu. Dalam beberapa kesempatan Obama terlihat menenteng gadget-nya itu. Banyak laporan yang menyebutkan, alat komunikasi Obama itu sudah dilengkapi software super enskripsi yang didesain secara khusus.

"Enskripsi itu justru membuat usaha penjebolan lebih menantang dan pasti bisa ditembus," kata Mitnick. Mitnick pernah diganjar lima tahun penjara, setelah mengaku salah melakukan hacking. Perusahaan yang dihacking adalah penyedia layanan telekomunikasi dan komputer terbesar di AS pada masa 1990-an.

Masa kelam itu telah lewat, dan Mitnick kini mengelola perusahaan keamanan cyber bernama Security Consulting. "Jika aku penyerang, aku akan mulai dari lingkaran teman dekat Obama, keluarga serta koleganya dan coba memanfaatkan komputer mereka," kata Mitnick.
"Yang perlu diserang adalah email Obama yang ada di BlackBerrynya," katanya. Menurut Mitnick orang yang dikenal Obama akan menjadi korban yang mudah diserang. Terutama perangkat komputer atau gadget yang ada di rumah, lebih mudah ditembus daripada yang digunakan di markas.

Jika alamat email Obama sudah diketahui, hacker secara teori dapat mengirim email dan dengan segala tipu daya agar Obama terjebak. Cara yang bisa dilakukan misalnya dengan memancing agar Obama mengunjungi situs tertentu yang sudah direkayasa dan terdapat kode penyerang.
Sekretaris media Gedung Putih Robert Gibbs kepada wartawan, bulan lalu mengatakan, hanya kelompok kecil kolega dan pembantu senior yang bisa bertukar informasi dengan Presiden Obama.

Chris Soghoian dari Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Universitas Harvard mengatakan, informasi yang dikirim melalui komputer lingkaran dalam Obama akan membuat presiden keturunan kulit hitam itu tidak curiga.

"Serangan langsung terjadi saat mengunjungi situs penjahat dan hanya dalam hitungan detik komputer memaksa akan men-download virus," papar Soghoian. Soghoian mengatakan penjahat yang mengejar BlackBerry Obama bukan mencari keuntungan ekonomi. Tapi lebih pada pemerintah asing yang ingin menyadap informasi rahasia.

"Orang yang hanya ingin popular dengan menerobos BlackBerry Obama kemampuannya tidak akan cukup. Ancaman paling nyata adalah dari beberapa orang dari warnet di Rusia atau sebuah tim 60 orang yang bekerja untuk pemerintah China. Ancaman itu datang dari tim yang disponsori oleh suatu pemerintahan," kata Soghoian.

Hacker menerobos BlacBerry Obama adalaah ancaman yang mungkin saja terjadi, kata Bill Brenner, senior editor "CSO Magazine" yang membahas masalah keamanan.
"Tidak ada keraguan ada hacker di luar sana yang akan menerobos ke BlackBerry Obama. Dalam beberapa kesempatan sudah tak terhitung orang mencoba melakukan hacking ke BlackBerry milik politisi, ponsel artis Paris Hilton serta jaringan komputer Departemen Pertahanan," jelasnya.

Sejauh ini pejabat di pemerintahan Obama menutup mulut mengenai detail BlackBerry yang digunakan. Juga masih belum pasti apakah Obama menggunakan BlackBerry atau Sectera Edge, smartphone super aman yang disediakan oleh Lembaga Keamanan Nasional AS atau NSA.
"Tidak ada yang tahu perangkat apa yang benar-benar digunakan oleh presiden. Memang ada beberapa informasi, tapi makin sedikit informasi maka semakin baik," kata Randy Sabett dari Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP mantan pegawai di NSA.

Research In Motion, perusahaan Kanada yang memproduksi handset serta jaringan yang mengantarkan e-mail BlackBerry melalui servernya sendiri tidak pernah menanggapi pertanyaan seputar BlackBerry yang digunakan Obama.
Pejabat di pemerintahan Obama tampaknya mempertimbangkan potensi risiko yang mungkin terjadi. Mitnick setuju komandan keamanan mungkin menjaga sistem komunikasi yang digunakan tetap rahasia, tapi belum cukup.

"Pertanyaannya sejauh mana intelejen bisa ikut campur? Mungkin ada aturan hanya yang bukan rahasia saja yang boleh dibicarakan. Jika mendiskusikan masalah rahasia, aku jamin mereka perlu enskripsi menggunakan metode algoritma tingkat lanjut," jelas Mitnick.
Tapi Mitnick mewanti-wanti para hacker untuk mempertimbangkan konsekuensi yang bisa didapat jika melakukan itu. "Pemerintah akan mengejar dengan kekuatan yang dipunyai," imbuhnya.

Tapi hukuman tidak akan mencegah 100% orang berbuat kejahatan. "Tidak ada yang 100% di bidang keamanan dan orang yang mengatakan sebaliknya pasti berbohong. Dan jika jadi seorang presiden, akan selalu ada ancaman dari seseorang yang coba menerobos," tandasnya.

source : kaskus.us

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Wi-Fi Signal Status for You and the World!

We're pretty lazy when it comes to technology. We expect our gadgets to do all the busywork while we focus on the high level important tasks like reading blogs. That's why we hate to have to crack open our laptops just to see if there is any wi-fi internet access about... and keychain wi-fi detectors, we would have to actually remove them from our pockets to look at them. But now thanks to the ingenious ThinkGeek robot monkeys you can display the current wi-fi signal strength to yourself and everyone around you with this stylish Wi-Fi Detector Shirt. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt dynamically change as the surrounding wi-fi signal strength fluctuates. Finally you can get the attention you deserve as others bow to you as their reverential wi-fi god, while geeky chicks swoon at your presence. You can thank us later.

Product Features :

Glowing animated shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength. Shows signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt Animated Decal is Removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for Easy Washing Battery Pack is Concealed in a Small Pocket Sewn Inside the Shirt Runs for hours off three AAA Batteries.

source : thinkgeek.com